What we do

The company's history dates back to the early 1990s. It was then that the first products were manufactured on the initiative of Marian Świętochowski - the pioneer of the pet food market in Poland. Thanks to his entrepreneurship and courage that laid strong foundations - now Kares Karma Sp. z o.o. continues its activity based on the message "For the love of pets".

From the beginning, the company has set as its most important goal the production of the highest quality products. Everything for the health and good condition of dogs and cats. We fulfil this commitment at every stage of production. First element of production includes careful selection of raw materials in order to obtain a perfect match to recipe. The whole process is supervised by a group of experienced technologists and specialists in animal nutrition.

At every stage of production, we make sure that every dog ​​and cat to whom we dedicate our products receives tasty, healthy and valuable food. We want the animals to feel good and have the power of energy, so that they are simply happy :)

Kares Karma - for the love of pets.